Boxed or Freeform? (October 5th)

So currently I am having a battle with myself.

I was looking at Moving Beyond the Page for a boxed curriculum.  It covers everything I need it to and comes with everything I need (except math but I am planning on Life of Fred and Khan Academy for that).  The problem is it costs $555 + shipping.

I have also been reading The Well Trained Mind which is about classical education and that looks kind of nice too.  I could piece together what I need for that type of program for about $250 which is less expensive by far than MBtP *but* I would have to “wing it” a little bit more and do my own lesson plans etc.  I am a little worried about becoming overwhelmed by it without a proper “plan”.

Of course I also know plenty of people homeschool without any plan at all and do just fine.

One of the appealing things about following the free form/ WTM plan is that we start covering ancient times then move forward through the grades.  As I was looking over the materials I was noticing how much I was never, ever taught despite having a BA and taking a wide range of classes in high school and beyond.  So not only would I be teaching my 6 year old, I would be learning an awful lot myself (albiet at a different level than Big Kid).  This would be neat because the material would be interested to me therefore keeping me more motivated. 

One downside is that it would “require” a lot of library trips.  I know this is normal for homeschooling anyway but our library is pretty small so I will need to go check it out to see what type of material they have before I can commit to it. 

It is a lot to try and decide about!  I think what I really need to do is just pick one and stick with it.  I will adjust once we have something here and in my hands. Easier said than done!

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