Choices, Moving Things Around, and Disappointment (October 7th)

So when I last wrote I was overwhelmed by which curriculum choice I wanted to make.  The amount of information to sift through is astounding.  I knew the two options I was looking at were at complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

After posting about it on a facebook group for secular homeschoolers I was reminded that I could purchase just on unit from Moving Beyond the Page so that is what I decided to.  Along with that I bought a few of the less expensive classical curriculum books so we could try both and see what we both liked the most.  So at least that choice has been made for now.  The one unit is supposed to last about 9 weeks so that should get us to around Christmas time.

So once I got that out of the way it was time to think about how I wanted to arrange the house that it would work best for homeschooling.  As luck would have it we found the perfect corner desk for free!  So now that is all set up and it will work wonderfully for what we need. 

I also got a small bookshelf to put our homeschool books on in the kitchen.  It seems silly at first to put books in the kitchen but it is where I spend most of time time so I know the books will be “safe” there.  I know if unattended the kids would likely run off with the books or not be gentle with them etc so keeping it all where I can see it will be wonderful.

And then there is the disappointment I mentioned in the title.  I went to get the mail on Saturday and noticed a big thick envelope in there.  At first I thought, “Wow they got back to me quickly!”  Then I realized that my paperwork had been returned to sender by the post office.  I admit to pouting for a minute.  Turns out the paperwork was 20 cents heavier than I had thought so it needed 2 stamps instead of the 1 I had put on it.  So I had to fix that up and now have to wait until Tuesday (stupid Columbus day) to send it out a second time and hope that this time it makes it to the proper people.

So that is my little update.  It is nice to see things coming together for when it is time to start homeschooling.  I also hope to  make it to a local homeschool meet up this week.  Last week the kids had stomach bugs so we weren’t able to go out.  Hopefully this week we all stay healthy so I can meet some local homeschoolers.

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