Got the Curriculum in my Hands (October 15th)

I ordered one unit of Moving Beyond the Page.  I am not sure what I think of it.  Obviously we will have to use it to see what we REALLY think but it seems like less “school work” and more “playing” if that makes sense?  I am not saying it is a bad thing of course, a lot of homeschool families HS for just that reason.  I am just not sure where my comfort level is with it.  Being a product of public school myself I am more familiar with the idea of “history”, “math”, and “science” class — so to speak.  I know this is more what Big Kid is used to too only because he has been through more than a year of public school already.

I am also a little underwhelmed by the books.  They are far below his reading level (not really good or bad, just an observation) and there aren’t many of them.  Of course I knew this when I ordered them but still, I had figured they would be thicker or more intense or something.  I guess the long story short is I don’t know what I expected really, but it wasn’t this.

We are going to use the materials and follow this unit for sure but in the mean time I am going to look into making my own curriculum too, which is sort of where I want to be anyway long term,  just because pre-boxed stuff is SO expensive and I have this that *I* want to learn about and he will have things *he* wants to learn about.

I am still waiting on the letter from the Dept of Ed.  Hopefully that is here sometime this week.  We will see!

I am also working on figuring out activities for Big Kid to be in.  Right now it looks like Monday is a home day, Tuesday is going to be piano lessons, Wednesday is a playgroup here (I hope!), Thursday is music class at the public school, Friday is a homeschool meeting/playgroup day, and somewhere in there (at least Nov-Feb) is basketball at night.  In reality that is like 5 times the amount of activities that he has had in public school and MUCH more varied.  After basketball we are going to look into TKD too for the late winter/spring.

So that is where we are at now.

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