Trying Not to Panic (Oct 4th)

So, I just did it.

I put the paperwork for the state in the mailbox.  I also talked to Big Kid’s current teacher and his principal to let them know I will be homeschooling.  Some people recommend not telling the school ahead of time because they might be mean or whatever but BK’s teacher is great and his principal is good too.  Plus, in order to keep sending BK for music class I need to have the school sign paperwork about it and “okay” it.

So it is all in the mailbox.  I am fighting the urge to go remove it and hide it here for a few days.

In reality I know it is good to be a little scared of this.  It is a huge undertaking and a big responsibility. 

I am confident in my ability to teach my kids.  I am confident that things will go well and it will be a lot of fun not just for the kids but for myself as well.

What I am panicing about is similar to what I imagine normal people panic about when they get married (that didn’t bother me in the least!).  It is just a BIG step and a lot to fully shoulder teaching your child when in our culture we are trained to think public school is the only way.

I am excited, I am scared, I am nervous, but most of all I am interested to see where this year brings us.

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