Last Day at School (and Other Things!)

Today was Big Kid’s last day at school!  Big deal for him.  He was thrilled and very happy to pass around cards with his contact info to his classmates (and a few teachers!).

In other news BK has a penpal now! He will be writing to him in the middle of next week for the first time.  One of BK’s weakest areas for his age is his handwriting so it will be great practice for him AND it will be an education into using money, the post office, and geography (showing on the map where the letter goes etc).  All wonderful things to learn.

I also learned from getting BK a penpal that playing with play dough, floam, and gak and writing on dry erase boards are great ways to increase hand strength.  The new penpal’s mom told me since her son has the same issues.  I am glad to hear about this type of thing because all that stuff is FUN to do and BK won’t mind playing at all, never knowing it is all to make it so it is easier for him to write.  One of the many benefits to having a group of other homeschool parents around!

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