First Day

Today was our first day of doing homeschooling.

Everything I have read/heard about HSing says to take a break if you are pulling a kid out mid-year.  Some places even suggest up to a full month for year the child has been in school.  That would mean about 6 weeks for Big Kid.  However BK wasn’t having ANY of that business.  From the second he woke up this morning he was hounding me, ready to start learning, wanting to do things, etc.  I didn’t want to squash his enthusiasm so I got some stuff ready and we went with it!

We started with handwriting.  I sat and watched him form the letters as he was tracing our copy work.  He writes a few of his letters backwards (meaning counter-clockwise vs clockwise etc) so once we get that straightened out I think it will help.  His handwriting does really need work but I am hoping with practice, practice, practice he will be doing better by the end of the year.  We also have a couple of penpals set up for him to write back and forth with so that will keep him entertained too, some good motivation.

Then we moved on to Life of Fred.  We did chapter three.  He easily could have done more but I don’t want to go too crazy at the beginning.  I feel like it is beneficial not him and to myself to learn to pace ourselves, it is a long road ahead and we don’t need to do 10 chapters of Fred a day.

Once Fred was done he had a little break then worked on a little addition/subtraction on Khan Academy.  He likes using the computer, a lot, so I am trying to use it where it makes sense to but only after his handwriting stuff has been done.  Then we moved on to lunch, errands, and picking up Little Kid from preschool.  We even had a mini-math lesson at the grocery store since I actually paid in cash for once (almost never happens).

Once I got them both home we followed the-instituted-for-my-sanity “rest time”.

When we got done rest time, they had a little play time and then we worked on day 1 of Moving Beyond the Page: age 6-8.  Our first unit is about community so we talked about buildings in the community, what makes up a community, and looked over maps for a little bit.

For the first day it was pretty good I think.  Big Kid needs to work on getting used to the idea of no schedule and being a bit more flexible but that will come once he is used to not being IN school I think.

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