Today I Learned

Today I learned that 6 year old Big Kid is significantly better at cutting out/folding/assembling 3-D objects than I am.  Now this isn’t entirely surprising since I am spatially-challenged and he isn’t but I was still a bit shocked at his ability vs mine.  Today we assembled a “map” of a town for our community project.  This worked on mapping, art, 3-D objects, plus fine and gross motor skills.  Over all a win. (Pictured below.  The pretty sad looking one all the way to the right is the one Little Kid helped with.  She did well for her age!).

We also covered another chapter in Life of Fred, which was fun.  I am really growing to enjoy that book and BK seems to like it too.

We of course practiced handwriting as well and Little Kid traced some handwriting stuff and drew a picture for her penpal in Michigan. Image

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