Today Big Kid wrote his first letter to a penpal in Maine.  He was pretty excited.  It is a good way to work on practicing handwriting too, which is one of his weakest areas.  In the process of this we learned the proper way to address an envelope, which side the stamp goes on, and where Maine is in relation to us, PLUS the handwriting practice.  Not a bad deal if you ask me. (Picture below is a small snippet of the penpal letter)

We also worked on more Fred and learned a basic algebra concept, you can only add things that are the same. 3x + 4x = 7x.  BK wanted to know more about it and asked what 3x + 4y would be so I explained it would be just that, it wouldn’t change.  He asked why so I grabbed 3 books and 4 blocks and asked him what we would have if we added them…and I saw the lightbulb go off.  I told him we could reclassify it to have 7 THINGS but we would still have 3 books and 4 blocks.  It was pretty neat to see a 6 year old “get” a basic principle of algebra.

After rest time (which I impose for my sanity) we started on our lesson about voting/elections from Build Your Library.  It is a pretty neat bunch of information and is actually a great brush up for me (with new information for me too!).  Most of the stuff we have gone over so far is geared toward older kids in my opinion but it doesn’t hurt to expose him (and Little Kid!) to it early.  It might not sink in much now but he will at least be familiar with the terms later on when he is older and when we go over it more in-depth.  It is a three week unit so we will be doing this after the election still but that is fine with me! Image

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