Surprise Science Lesson

Part of why homeschooling is fun, in my opinion, is being able to take a venture off the “path” that was supposed to be the day and venture into new places.  Today both the kids were sick, both with fevers and Big Kid with what appears to be pink-eye.  We blame Dad because he is the carrier of some illnesses   Anyway, this made for a “light” day. 

Our morning unit of Moving Beyond the Page included a lot of handwriting and a little math so I “allowed” us to skip Fred and formal handwriting practice today.  I love Fred, and I miss him, but he will still be there tomorrow.  We read If You Give a Pig a Pancake (honestly I really dislike that series of books, ick) to learn about goods and services and did a few other activities revolving around goods and services.  Big Kid had to “write” his own version of that type of story and decided on, “If You Give a Kitten a Bowl of Catfood.”

After lunch it was rest time as usual.  During rest time I heard a knock at the backdoor.  Imagine my surprise to find my neighbor standing there with a GIANT wasp nest!  He had cut it out of a plant near his house and offered it up for me to show the kids.

After making sure it was a dead nest (which it clearly was since my neighbor wasn’t being swarmed) I got the kids up from nap and we took to taking it apart.  I had them look it over first.  The first thing we learned is that wasp nests STINK.  Smelly things they are.  We talked about how the nests are made (chewing up wood and spitting it out) and how that made lots of pretty colors on the nest.  We also discussed that insects don’t have bones like people do but instead have exoskeletons and we got to see a stinger up close when a dead wasp fell out of the nest.  Pictures are all below.  You can see how it it was, the inside, some of the color rings, and the entrance/exit.  Overall it was an awesome find and I got to learn a lot too since I had never really seen a nest up close before! ImageImageImageImage

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