Stinky Friends

No, not human friends!

Our morning was “derailed” by a discovery in the garage. There were trash and bottles strewn about “blocking” Dad’s car in the garage.  Dad mentioned that I needed to go clean the garage and that is what I found.  He thought a raccoon had gotten in there…however I found scat in the corner, used the internet, and discovered it was a skunk instead.  So I spent an hour or so carefully cleaning up the trash/bottles all while nervous about where this skunk had gone.  I didn’t feel like starting my Friday off with a new perfume.

Once I got it all cleaned up and we go the car out of the garage we discovered Mr (Or Mrs) Skunk had decided that it’s new den was under the workbench out there.  So now we wait for dusk and hope he decides to leave our garage and go find a more suitable home. There is a photo (though blurry) of our furry, stinky friend below.

While I was cleaning up in the garage I had Big Kid work on handwriting.  It is getting much better than it was when he actually takes his time and really focuses.  I was quite impressed.

Today’s community lesson was about wants vs needs.  Big Kid has a pretty good grasp already on the differences so it was pretty “easy” for him.  He took magazines and cut out pictures and pasted them on two sheets of paper, one with “wants” and one with “needs”.  I was quite impressed that he figured out that fruit is a “need” while donuts are a “want” too. He also wrote a list (pictured below) of his personal wants vs needs.

Once the mailman comes we are going to watch an episode or two on the first disk of Human Planet that I rented from Netflix.  I haven’t seen it yet but I am betting it gives excellent examples of different communities around the world and will be a great way to show BK how people get wants/needs/goods/services in an area without a Price Chopper and a car repair man right down the road.

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