A Math-y Day

Today’s focus was on something Big Kid already knows a lot about.  Money.  This is in preparation for tomorrow’s lesson on what money is used for.

He had a minor freak out over handwriting today.  As mentioned before, handwriting is a weak point for him so we practice it every day unless his lesson on the curriculum is handwriting-heavy (today was math-heavy).  He got upset that I told him his letters were too “shaky” (which they were, he was way too distracted by his sister goofing off) so he started to erase the entire sheet.  Once I got him calmed down he re-did the bit that was too messy and all was good.

Overall it was a very “quick”  and “easy” day.  He had a few worksheets about money and their values.  Then we payed a game where he used recycling materials to “make” a computer then he assigned the pieces prices.  I gave him $1.50 in quarters and had him purchase the items he wanted.  In order to do this he had to give me either the correct amount, or more than the item is worth.  Then he had to calculate his change.  Pictures of the “computer” pieces with their prices below.

I also spent the morning preparing for Sandy.  It shouldn’t be too bad here other than wind and possible power outages.  It was just a lot of cleaning up the lawn/porch/pool area/etc.  I also had to make sure all the laundry and dishes were done.  Since power outages are likely to be widespread it is hard to know how long it will be out if it goes out so I wanted to be sure I was all caught up.  It was an interesting lesson in balancing homeschooling with everyday life.


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