Another Day Another Dollar

Today was another day learning about money and uses of money.  Big Kid learned that you can save money, spend money, or give money and that those were the only three options (I didn’t discuss losing money, which happens a lot with the pennies etc I give him).  We are still using the Moving Beyond the Page curriculum and part of the lesson today involved coming up with chores for BK to do to earn money so he would learn to associate money with effort.  Pictured below is the result of that lesson, BK vacuuming the kitchen floor.  It took about 5 times as long as it would have for me to do it, but I didn’t have to, so close enough for me!


We also did handwriting today, as usual.  It is difficult to keep him focused on handwriting so I need to find a way to work with that.  He really needs the practice.  I might have him write a story tomorrow rather than doing copy work to see if that helps a little.

Of course we also went over Life of Fred today too.  I am really quite fond of the Fred books.  They aren’t terribly intense or in depth yet but they are fun and have lots of learning in them other than just math which both kids find fun and silly.  Today was chapter 7 of Apples which was appropriate because it talked about flooding, which is pretty intense on the East coast in a lot of places right now.

This afternoon we will watch the 2nd episode of Human Planet, Deserts.  I was quite pleased with the first episode about oceans so I am hopeful with this one too.  It gives us a lot of talking points about how other people/cultures deal with day to day life.  Given that we live in an area with almost no diversity, these shows are even more useful.

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