We started with handwriting, which was making a card for one of my aunts that just had surgery.  Little Kid made a card for her penpal and practiced writing his name as well as hers.

Then we did chapter 9 in Life of Fred.  I know I have said it a million times but I love those books.  They are hilarious.  We do need a few other things to have what I feel is a “complete” math curriculum but it is a great jumping off point.

We also did a couple of quick activities about holidays today with Moving Beyond the Page.  We covered Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and birthdays.  The unit was supposed to cover Christmas and Easter as well but I wasn’t prepared for the ACTUAL meaning of those days.  Christmas would have been easy enough to explain if I had a full day to cover it but Easter is more challenging.  I feel like it is extremely important for my kids to know that once you are dead, that’s it, the end.  So the idea of explaining to them that Easter is when Jesus was resurrected isn’t something I am ready to explain to them yet.  They are still at an age where I am asked “is that in real life?” (fiction vs fact) constantly so I don’t want to confuse them if I can avoid it.  In our house Easter is all about the Easter Bunny and egg hunts anyway.  I will explain it to them eventually of course, but probably not for a couple of years.

Then when that was done we had a friend/family member over to visit for a few hours.  We don’t get to hang out with her often so it was a nice treat for all involved.  Big Kid and Little Kid played hide and seek, toss, etc with her and I got to talk to an adult for a decent chunk of time.

Today was also Big Kid’s first day doing once a week music class with his old classmates at the public school.  It went well and he said he had fun.  He was supposed to go last week but was sick so I had to keep him here.

We are *finally* going to watch Human Planet: Deserts this afternoon.  I was planning on it for awhile now but we had a few decent afternoons weather-wise so I booted them outside to play instead.  It is rainy and COLD here this afternoon so we are going to take the chance to watch the show.

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