I know I have only done 2 weeks of homeschooling so far but what strikes me the most about this new change is the difference in the amount of time it takes to get through a “day”.

Most days, not counting any documentary we watch (such as Human Planet), we are done within two or three hours.  This includes handwriting, Fred, and whatever Moving Beyond the Page lesson is up for the day.

All of this is without rushing, really taking our time.  It includes a couple of quick breaks, particularly during handwriting practice.

This is compared to a normal school day which is from 8:15-2:45 around here (not counting the on the bus at 7:35 and off the bus at 3:35 bit).  It leaves SO much free time open for things like errands and playing.  The kids have a lot more chance to play outside, explore, and use their imaginations.  It also allows for rest time in the afternoon which is VITAL for my sanity and gives the kids a little time to regroup as well.

It also frees up time for extra activities like keyboard lessons, basketball, nature walks, etc.  It also allows for more time to fully explore a topic.  We have been going over communities, which you know if you have been reading along, and one of the best additions to the lessons have been the Human Planet episodes we have watched.  They take about an hour each and are great at really setting the lessons in.

So, that is the long and short of it.  Homeschooling takes up way less time than I had figured it would! It may take a bit longer as the kids get older but for now it is over quickly leaving plenty of time for being kids!

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