Monday Again!

Monday went by fast.  Really quite fast.

We skipped math and official handwriting today in favor of visiting with Grammy and Great-Grammy, much more fun of course.

We did still do our Moving Beyond the Page lesson before they got here though!  Most of today’s lesson was all right, though a bit depressing.  Today centered on a book called Little House which was about a house that was built a long time ago and then a city came in around it.  It talked about how sad the house was that it lived in the city now instead of the country.  Honestly if I lived in the city I would consider it to be a pretty negative book, even without living in the city it sure made the country seem like the place to be, which of course isn’t always the case.

The other problem with today’s lesson is that one of the activities involved cutting out squares with items on them and then glueing them to the “right” place.  The options were A farm, a small community, a small town, and a large city.  The items were things like farm, horse, shovel, drink machine, gas, etc.  This posed a problem because most of the items could be found in multiple places rather than just one.  For example the shovel could have been in any of the four places and since we were supposed to glue them,  this posed a problem for Big Kid (and therefore for me).  We ended up not glueing them down but just moving them around on the paper instead.

The other new thing to happen today is Big Kid had his first keyboard (piano) lesson.  We had an old casio keyboard (pictured below!) that has been living in the basement.  It is a perfectly usable item but I just didn’t have the motivation to learn it.  BK however, he will want to learn it so we hired a teacher for him that comes here.

Firstly I will say the guy is very patient, which is key with BK.  He tends to talk about everything all the time so he needed someone that was patient and could help keep him focused. It was also BK’s first time really being allowed to play with the keyboard.  I know nothing about it so I didn’t really let him explore it until he was going to be supervised by someone that knew what he was doing (kind of like I never bothered to learn to drive until I had a stick shift available to learn on).  I got to sit in the other room and listen to what was going on so I knew what to talk about with BK and what to have him practice.

It seemed to go really well and his teacher said that he loves the way BK thinks and is willing to explore the keyboard so that is good.  He spent the full hour trying to get Big Kid to learn a 5 finger exercise but BK was so focused on neat things that he didn’t think so clearly about the exercise.  Being that I was in the other room I know how to direct him to practice for the next week until Monday when the teacher comes again.

Tomorrow is another regular day.  Hopefully we will get math and handwriting in (though we did get some handwriting in today with the regular lesson) but if not, we will get there eventually.  I also recently ordered Singapore Math 1A to try with BK.  It may be “below” his level but if it is I can save it for LK, even if it is lower than his abilities it is good to reinforce that stuff too.


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