Today we lucked out and by pure coincidence the lesson plan in Moving Beyond the Page covered voting today!  It gave us a chance to talk about a few new things (President vs Governor vs Mayor) and to review things Big Kid already knew (18 to vote, only vote once, etc) since him and I went to vote early on Friday.  The activities also covered how government is in the community in day to day life (libraries, police, fire stations, etc) which lead into a talk about property taxes where I showed him ours and explained (the best that I could!) how it all works.  He found that very interesting and it was a great real life example (plus it reminded Dada that taxes are due the 15th!).

We also covered another chapter in Fred while I am waiting for Singapore math to get here.  I think I will use them together but we will see when it gets here.

Today’s handwriting was from a new book I got on Amazon, Handwriting Practice: Jokes and Riddles.  It is an amusing way to get him to practice without using all the ink from our printer.  Today’s joke was about a crying camel being a “humpback wail”, very silly but funny.  BK was a fan.

This afternoon we also used stickers that Little Kid got from her penpal.  He sent us sticker planets so we looked up the planets and then put them in the right order on a sheet of paper.  We didn’t go too in depth with it just yet but it was a good little introduction.  We also talked about how Pluto isn’t really a planet though Mama and Dada had been taught it was when we were in school.  Below is our sheet of paper with Pluto far away and appropriately in shadow for the pic.

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