Almost Done!

With this unit of Moving Beyond the Page that is!  Tomorrow is our final project on “Exploring a Community”.  I need to gather up supplies for that tomorrow.

We started today, as always, with handwriting.  There is a sample below.  It is far from perfect just yet but it is improving when he really sits and focuses on it.  I think his piano lessons will help with that too since he has to practice with hand exercises/muscles so it will help him get better control of the pencil.


After that we did another chapter in Life of Fred.  We are almost done with the first book, Apples.  The stories are pretty silly but today’s lesson in math also included history about the Titanic.  I love how they sneak little bits of other subjects into math.

The lesson from MBtP today was about rules and laws.  It was an interesting one to do only because I could see Big Kid thinking about it and working through it.  There was a lot of thought as to what was a law and what was a rule and how sometimes something is both (like buckling up in the car).  We also covered consequences, both natural and implemented by authority.  I got to say, “In this house I am the authority” and couldn’t help but think of True Blood while I did so.

The lesson also included spelling.  I had him spell out loud for me : rule, change, law, flag, house, and city.  The only one he had a little trouble with was change but that was fixed up quickly.  His spelling/reading ability shocks me nearly every day.  He sounded out “yacht” while reading Fred.  We are still working on comprehension of course but that comes with age and practice and I really think the new curriculum, Build Your Library, that I got will help a lot with that since it is based so firmly in literature.

This afternoon I also took the chance to work with Little Kid a bit.  I had her do the Explode the Code book 1 pretest with me.  She knocked it out of the park except for “m” because she though the mop was a rake, not so much her fault, more the fault of the draw-er, plus she hasn’t ever seen a mop like that before since I use a shark steam mop 😉  I hope to start doing a lesson or two with her each day on the phonics from Explode the Code just to see if I can get her reading. She is still VERY young but it doesn’t hurt to try without pushing.


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