End of the Unit and a Tasty Snack

Today we did the final project for our first community unit!  It was good to have that done.  Overall this first part of the unit was “meh” at best.  I feel like it was lacking in real substance, at least the kind of substance I would like it to have.  The project today was to make a brochure about our community.  It was a bit too “artsy” for his general taste though he powered through and got it done.  It was supposed to say where the goods were in the neighborhood and how it had changed etc.  Kind of boring even for someone that likes art a lot, in my opinion.  

I am still debating between doing another section on this Moving Beyond the Page bit, though skipping a section and going to the animals and plants unit OR starting Build Your Library next week.  I can’t make up my mind.

This afternoon we are going to combine a little bit of science, a liberal sprinkling of greek mythology, and a great heaping bunch of afternoon snack all into one activity.  I order a book of greek mythology and I have a pomegranate so I am going to read the kids the story of Persephone and Demeter, which features the lovely fruit, and then we are going to “dissect” the pomegranate and have it for a snack! Yum! Full of vitamin C too which is wonderful since Big Kid has a fever that Dada shared with him.


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