Letter to the President

Since we finished our first unit yesterday we took today as a very low key day before the weekend.  We did a chapter in Life of Fred and learned about a very silly duck that was 4 feet tall.  Big Kid thought that was a super funny, and I don’t blame him.

Little Kid and I did another bit in Explode the Code.  She is excelling so far.  She wasn’t interested in the handwriting bit of it but she did very well with the short a sound (as in apple).  She also sounded out several 3 letter words for me with relative ease so that was wonderful.

We also watched an episode of Human Planet.  Today’s episode was about people in the jungle!

Now, to the feature story, Big Kid wanted to write a letter to the President congratulating him on the election Tuesday so that is what we did today!  BK invited him to his birthday in June and while that would be awesome I somehow doubt he will attend 😉  Hopefully BK will at least get a letter back from the Presidential mail readers!


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