I Lied…

I posted on my twitter feed (http://twitter.com/NewAdventures4) that we were going to take today off and as it ended up we still did just about a full day’s worth of school.  It is REALLY nice here today so we spent all morning outside and did most of the reading/work during little “breaks” in their play.

We started our new curriculum Build Your Library and I think I am going to like it a lot.  Big Kid will take a little warming up to listening to the stories since there is quite a bit of reading, which is what I wanted, but he will get there soon I think.  I might have him do some of the reading to me tomorrow which will help keep him engaged.

The first part of today was reading about history, just a quick introduction about what history is about, from Story of the World.  The second bit was reading a few pages from our new science book about what nature is all about and what nature means.  Good information but nothing too crazy.

After that we read the first three chapters of Despereaux.  I think that is going to be a fun little book.  It is a bit “intense” given that the book starts out with a litter of dead mice but that is something we can deal with easy enough here.  We learned a few new words which was very nice, learning new words is fun for both BK and I.  Little Kid really liked to listen to the stories we read too so that was nice.

After all of that we started having lunch.  Part way through lunch LK announced that one of our cats had something outside, she said it looked like a snake.  Sure enough, I looked outside and he had caught a garter snake!  It was alive and seemingly unharmed so I got a box and we got to “study” the snake and talk about how it moved and how it smelled with it’s tongue.  It was pretty neat and I was rather glad the cat hadn’t killed it. When we were done we let it go by the woods and it slithered under the shed out back to hide and rest from it’s ordeal! 

Right now Big Kid is having his keyboard (piano) lessons and learning new things as well as showing off what he had practiced over the last week.

This afternoon we will watch an episode of Amazing Race (because I like it and they enjoy it and learn things about other cultures) and we will probably do another chapter in Life of Fred.


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2 Responses to I Lied…

  1. Okay, now if you’re going to make a habit of posting snake pics…I may not be able to read anymore.

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