…With No Arms

Last night my husband found a youtube channel that was made by a woman with no arms.  She was born with no arms and lives life just like anyone else, but with a few small modifications.  The intro to her videos say something like “Hi I am Tisha and I am going to show you how to go shopping with no arms”, hence the title of today’s post!  I showed the kids a video of her last night going shopping and they were amazed at how she was able to adapt.  Big Kid asked to watch a video of how she drives without arms (which she does) so we will watch that this afternoon.  I thought it was a great way to introduce them to how people can be different and look different.  They really seem to enjoy it and it is full of information including a FAQ about her and her disability. If anyone else wants the link, here it is http://www.youtube.com/user/tishaunarmed?feature=watch

Also, today was a tough day for Big Kid.  He has an upset stomach and he was up at 5am so he is TIRED.  It took all morning to get him to complete a single chapter in Fred so it was slow going.  Right now they are watching the last episode of Human Planet on the 2nd disc (Grasslands) so I can send it back to Netflix and so BK can get a little more rest and maybe be a bit happier this afternoon.

I paused Human Planet to read them what we needed to read from the Nature Connection for today (pictured below) so our science bit has been done today.  I plan to read them from our history book during lunch while they are sitting and otherwise occupied since it is a bit dry as we are still in the introduction phase of this book.

This afternoon we will read the chapters of Despereaux we “have” to and talk about smelling sounds, or smelling music.  I plan to have them close their eyes, smell lavender baby powder, and ask them if it makes them think of of a color.  I know it would make me think of purple so I am curious what they will think.  I might also have them smell some peppermint oil too and see what they think of that!

Big Kid will also interview my mom this afternoon for the “interview a relative” activity.

I am hoping tomorrow goes a little better since BK clearly isn’t 100%.  Hopefully some rest and a little time will help him.  Both kids were outside from 8am until it was past dark yesterday so he is even more tired than if they had just stayed inside.

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