Part of the new curriculum that we are doing involves memorizing poems.  We were slacking slightly this first week as we adjust to how the curriculum flows and today was the first day I had Big Kid try to memorize the poem that was “assigned”.  He knocked it out of the park.  He had it for about 10 minutes and had it memorized well enough that I held the book and was able to have him repeat the whole thing back to me.  I know some homeschoolers are against this sort of practice but I think it will teach him some things in addition to just the lovely poems.  One thing I noticed is that it should help him with beats when he is doing piano.  The way poems flow really gives a sense of beat and that will be a great thing to have reinforced.  The poem for this week is pictured below from the Random House Book of Poetry for Children.


We of course also did a handwriting, known as copy work in this curriculum.  I had Big Kid practice with a few different pencils to see which one he did the best with.  Handwriting is still a challenge, partly because he isn’t a fan.  It annoys him to have to sit still and write things even though we have explained that it is an important skill to have.  Typing is easier and faster so that is what he would prefer to do.  Of course we can’t allow just that, so I do what I can to keep him focused on practicing handwriting.  Once that was done we did another chapter in Fred, only 3 chapters left in the first book!  I had Big Kid read this chapter out loud to Little Kid not only to give myself a little break from reading out loud but also to get him used to it since it can be such an important part of life when he is older.

We also covered the idea of archeology in our history unit.  It is important to know how people figure out what happened in the past and of course while studying ancient times, archeology is a very important aspect.

I have learned that the best time to read to both kids, for stories like Despereaux, is during lunch.  They have their hands and mouths otherwise occupied and already have to sit still so it works great to read them the story then ask the questions from the curriculum and about the book.  I am hoping this continues to work as well as it has the last couple of days.

I am enjoying the Build Your Own Library curriculum a lot more than I did Moving Beyond the Page.  It does take a little more time given that there is reading and we have to do it in “chunks” so that the kids don’t suffer from the wiggles while trying to focus, but that isn’t a huge deal as we took breaks before anyway.  I feel like they are learning a lot more “serious” things than they did from MBtP.


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  1. Emily says:

    Hi, this is Emily from Build Your Library – I came across a link to your blog in my stats and I was wondering if it was ok with you if I share your blog at my website? I think this is the first “review” of my curriculum I’ve come across and it may be helpful to others.

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