Today we started out by giving Big Kid a “test” to see which Singapore Standards book he should be using since I knew when I got the 1A that I ordered that he needed something beyond that.  He knows some of the stuff in 1B but not all of it (about 50/50 based on the test) so I will be ordering 1B for him and keeping 1A for Little Kid.

After that I read to both kids for the history (the rest of our book about archeology) and the science book, One Small Square.  They really enjoyed that and the pictures in OSS are awesome.  I love them.  This afternoon we are going to out to the back yard to pick our own one small square to “discover” as the year goes on.

Once the reading was done we moved on to the big exciting project! Digging (pictured below)!  More specifically we pretended to be archeologists and dug up things that I had buried in a box of potting soil last night. They had a BLAST.  We didn’t have proper tools of course so we used sandbox shovels, hand shovels, and a toothbrush for the “fine” work.  We found all sorts of things.  I wrote down three questions and asked Big Kid to answer them for me when he was done.  Under my question about what we learned about these “people” we were discovering about, he wrote that they had plastic and metal toys which was excellent since he dug up matchbox cars and a duplo block.

Once that was all done and we had cleaned up the kitchen and our hands, we watched the very last episode of Human Planet.  Today’s episode was about cities which was awesome and it was a great lead in to Despereaux since Human Planet talked about rats and we are JUST about to meet the rats in Despereaux!

When that last episode was done, and after I put the DVD into the mailbox to send back to Netflix, it was lunch time, which means times to read Despereaux!  I am very much enjoying this story and am thankful that Build Your Library has included it in the curriculum.  It is such an intriguing story, with a wonderful character.  Even beyond that there is some amazing vocabulary!  The curriculum lists out the good vocab words and I have Big Kid read through them all every day so he will learn what they mean.  He isn’t the only one learning words though!  Until this book/curriculum I had never heard “perfidy” before, much less knew what it meant.  Learning right along with the kids is such an amazing experience.

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