Finished Our First Week

Of the new curriculum that is!  I have to admit, so far I am a fan of Build Your Library.  Granted, it has only been a week, but I feel like we are learning things with more substance, especially when compared to something like Moving Beyond the Page.

There are a few small issues but they aren’t a huge deal.  The first problem is that Big Kid doesn’t like copy work.  Of course he also doesn’t like handwriting at all in general so that isn’t really a problem with the program, just something I need to work on with BK.  We have been using a joke/riddle book I got for cheap from Amazon.  The amusement of the riddle and/or joke keeps him sidetracked just long enough to get the handwriting practice in.  I love the sentences that were chosen by BYL but it is just harder to keep BK engaged that way.

The only other small issue we had this week is that one of the science projects (today’s) was to find a flower so that the student could draw and label it based on the One Small Square book.  It is a LOVELY idea but since I am in the Northeast and it is mid/late November there weren’t many flowers out and about to pick/draw/label.  We did find some dried up sad ones and that was what we used for today.  If we had really needed to I could have gone to the store and purchased one (or even the flower shop) but we were lucky enough to scrounge up something.  In a “normal” year, if we had started in late August/early September like normal people do, we wouldn’t have had this trouble at all, there were plenty of flowers at that time.

One thing I really enjoy about this program is the activities and the amount of “real” stuff that is done.  There aren’t a lot of worksheets, at least not yet, and I don’t think there are long term either, based on my browsing of the curriculum.

Today’s history activity was making up a time capsule so that if people dug it up thousands of years from now they would know what we were like.  Pictured below is what Big Kid picked out.  A nerf dart, a broken matchbox car, a picture of a bird from Little Kid’s National Geographic magazine, a note with “remember to recycle” (minus an “m”) written on it, a little bag that rocks were kept in, and a piece of a broken bowl.  Pretty creative choices in my opinion!


We also had an activity in art today! We looked at a website that have cave paintings and then got to do our own cave paintings on crumpled up paper bags.  They had a LOT of fun doing this because they both really like playing with paint.  Big Kid’s is on the bottom and Little Kid’s is on the top.  We could only use “earth tone” type paints since that is what the earliest people would have had to work with.


Of course we also read from Despereaux which is a very fun book.  Both kids sit and listen very attentively while I read it to them during lunch time.  I am excited to see what happens in the next section of the book which is supposed to be about a rat.

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