School is IN

Right now our local school is on vacation for Thanksgiving break.  I thought about taking this week off but decided I wanted to keep going for now and save our break for when we NEED it.  Big Kid is still happy enough to keep working so I am happy enough to keep teaching him.  Plus we ALL want to know what happens in Despereaux!

We started with handwriting today.  I am still struggling to get BK to enjoy handwriting.  Today I let him pick a colored pencil (green!) to do his handwriting and it was still like pulling teeth to get him to practice.  I hope eventually he will realize if he just DOES the practice it will be done very quickly and that he NEEDS to practice.  Someday.

After that we did another chapter of Fred!  Tomorrow is our very last chapter of Apples.  After Apples is Butterflies…or possibly Singapore depending on when that ships from Rainbow Resources.  Also, I didn’t mention it in the blog because we didn’t do it until late, but Little Kid did a bunch of exercises from Singapore 1A on Friday evening.  She thought it was a LOT of fun and really enjoyed it.  Hopefully she keeps liking it!

Once Fred was done we read about nomads and learned what it means to be a nomad.  This was great because we “met” some nomadic-like tribes while watching Human Planet so he had something “concrete” to compare it to.  It was a very short reading but it was interesting and both kids listened.

With that finished we busted out or new clipboards, after reading today’s science lesson, and went out to record the date, time, and a few nature surprises.  This was good not only for science but because it was yet more practice for Big Kid on reading his analog clock.  He is pretty much a master at this point, down to the minute, but it takes him a few seconds to count out the minute marks etc, so practice is still a very good thing.

During lunch, yet again, we read Despereaux.  This is such a fun book, very engaging for both adults and kids.  We met a new character, a rat, and got to talk about how he was similar to Desperaux.

Starting this week I have also decided to do spelling words.  I got the big white board out of the basement, picked some words from last week’s reading, and wrote the words down on the board.  I “tested” BK first to see which ones he knew and which he didn’t so I could get a baseline before the official “test” on Friday.  Until then, they are on the white board ready for him to review whenever he wants!


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