Time for a Break!

I know I just posted yesterday that we were going to keep going this week in school but it was decided this morning that today would be our last day until Monday.  We are at a great stopping spot since we finished the last chapter of Life of Fred: Apples today.  It was a great book and I think we will do Butterflies in a bit but first I want to try Singapore math with Big Kid.  The books should be here before Monday so we will be in good shape to start that.

We also will be finishing “book 2” of Despereaux today too so that is a good stopping point until Monday.  I will miss reading it but I hope to pick another book from the scholastic batch that we got to read to them during lunch time.  There are LOTS of books to choose from so I am sure I can find at least one good one!

History today was learning about the first people, homo sapiens sapiens. The kids thought it was CRAZY that these people were around 150,000 years ago and that it took them until about 40,000 years ago to start making simple tools like harpoons and spears.

Science today was about predators in nature.  For the “project” Big Kid was supposed to sit out by his square in the back yard and watch for predators.  Given that it is nearly winter and we live in an urban area there wasn’t a lot out there! He saw a bird that might have been a predator and he saw two of our four cats so he listed those down! That was about it for predators right now unless he hung out there tonight with night vision goggles!

We will be reading the rest of book 2 of Despereaux during lunch and after rest time I think we will watch another episode of Amazing Race (the kids love it!).  Nothing too crazy though! It is amazing how quickly some of the days go by.

Today’s picture: Louie! He decided to come up and plant his rear end on my curriculum this morning so that I couldn’t read it.  Petting him was much more important.

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