Things I Hadn’t Thought About…

So over the last 5 or so weeks worth of homeschooling I have come up with a list of things I didn’t really think about before I started homeschooling, or things that crossed my mind but I didn’t really THINK about them.

1. That I would start using TV I normally watch as a way of teaching.  So far I have used Amazing Race and Top Chef as my normal TV but we also watched all of Human Planet as well, which is something I would have watched anyway.

2. Going on errands with both kids.  I was “spoiled” last year when Big Kid was in school and Little Kid and I could go just about anywhere with great ease.  With both kids, for whatever reason, “quick” errands aren’t so quick anymore.

3. How much I would REALLY enjoy my business.  I run a pet-sitting service and now that I am homeschooling I am really, really enjoying those quiet moments with client’s cats.

4. How much housework would start lagging.  I am nearly always behind on at least ONE chore around the house, usually more.  I can deal with it since I took 15 credits online for college when both kids were little and I managed to balance it all then, but seeing a pile of dishes in the sink isn’t fun!

5. Finding time for exercise.  In the morning I take care of client’s animals.  Then I have to shower, feed the kids, start school, etc.  In the evenings once the kids are in bed I am TIRED and it is hard to make myself fit in exercise.  I can do it, but it isn’t easy.

6. How much I would really ENJOY the books we are reading.  Despereaux is a great example.  We are on “break” right now until Monday and I can’t wait to see what happens with that little mouse and Princess Pea.

7. How much *I* would learn.  Either I was never taught a great deal of these things or they never sunk in (I would bet option 1).  The first people started using tools around 40,000 years ago? Yea, I didn’t know that.  There are two parts of a flower that need to “mix” to pollinate? Yea, didn’t know that either.  The list goes on and on.

8. How FUN it would be to see the kids learn.  Big Kid never talked much about school so I had to rely on his teachers to tell me anything that happened.  Even then I didn’t know what BK thought of it all.  With homeschooling I can see the “light bulb” moments, hear (and answer!) his insightful questions, and see Little Kid learning to read.  It makes me smile to see them figuring it all out.

9. How *wonderful* it would really be to be able to get up and start the day when we please.  Obviously on days I have clients I have a bit of a time limit since I have to be out and back before Mr goes to work, but on the other days we can get up at 8am and be just fine, compared to my getting up at 6am when BK went to school.  I much prefer 8am. Much.

10. How awesome it would be to make our own schedule!  There is no rule that we have to follow the school calendar.  We can take breaks whenever we want.  School for the day is usually over by 1pm despite not really starting until around 9/10am.  If we have a field trip that can only happen on the weekend, not a big deal!  That is now a school day and we can have Friday “off” instead etc etc.

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