We got our first snow of the season here!  Little Kid woke up, looked out her window, and started SHOUTING about the snow.  She was SUPER excited.  It is a big deal when you are 4!

This means that our science lesson for the day was altered. We were supposed to do an activity from the November section in our Nature Connections book but instead I sent the kids outside to clean up the yard (lots of toys under the snow since we weren’t expecting it to snow) and to look at the snow and observe it.  When Big Kid came in I had him write down five different things about snow that he figured out based on his observations.

This also means they played outside for over an hour this morning and were THRILLED to do so.  It gave me a little time to do some grown up cleaning outside too so that was nice.


After we did outside time it was time for history.  We learned about how the nomads first became farmers in the fertile crescent and then BK colored in the map of the area (pictured below).  He seemed pretty interested in the reading and he wanted to read it all on his own, until he got to the bit about the Euphrates River when he decided I should read from there (haha!).


Once that was done we did two exercises from the Singapore Math 1B book.  It was stuff he already knew but knowing he has a solid base in place is nice for me and it is a good way to get him used to the new books so we did it anyway.  There is some stuff in this book that he doesn’t know how to do yet so starting from the beginning is a good idea for us.

When math was done they did “handwriting” which for both kids meant a letter/drawing to their penpals.  They had a lot of fun doing this, as usual.  Drawing was a nice “treat” for BK to have as handwriting practice, even though I snuck it into science too (shhhh!).

Then, as usual, for lunch we read Despereaux!  Today we met Miggy Sow and talked about how awful it must have been to be named after a pig!

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