Today was a good day!

It started with an early morning sighting of 2 doe whitetail deer in our back yard! They were having a snack on a discarded Halloween pumpkin and I saw them moving in the woods. They then walked around and nibbled on some trees.  It was very neat for myself and for the kids to see nature so up close even though we live in an urban-ish area.  We see deer here once or twice a year on average but never this close!  Our cats were going crazy.  We got to talk about things that deer eat and how they are camouflage (when there isn’t snow on the ground!).

After that we took care of handwriting (a riddles sheet) and did some more Singapore Math.  I am glad we started with 1B instead of skipping it because it is a completely different approach to math than he had been exposed to before.  Most of the problems are word-based problems things like, “Meg has how many fewer hats than Sarah?”  So the problems use skills Big Kid knows but applies them in a different (and in my opinion better) setting.  He had to write some “number sentences” by filling in blanks and such.  It frustrated him a little bit but he got it in the end.  I think this batch of math books is going to be really good for him.

Once that was done it was time for (more) science!  Today we leaned about life cycles and I learned that lady bugs look completely different in the larva stage and then change into a pupa before becoming lady bugs.  I had no idea!  I assumed most insects were similar to spiders or grasshoppers that come out of the egg looking like mini-adults, since no one had ever taught me differently.  Learning WITH the kids is awesome.  Pictured below is our science page where BK drew the life cycle of a garden spider.


Once science was done we covered more history.  Part of history today was reading about one of the first city-states in Mesopotamia and the other part was researching a modern day nomadic tribe and filling out a little questionnaire about them.  We picked the Bushmen of Africa to learn about and Big Kid was fascinated by their houses.

After all of that it was time to play outside in the snow (or what is left of it!) for an hour!  They had a blast as usual and burned off some energy before coming in for lunch and reading Despereaux!

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