Not all Sunshine and Rainbows!

We all know choices come with good and bad.  Sadly today was a “bad” day here.  Last night was Big Kid’s first night with basketball practice and while that went fine he was completely unable to settle down for bed time and when he finally did he still woke up at like 1am wanting water and took forever to get back to sleep.  Of course he was still up at his usual time in the morning.  This all added up to a VERY tired 6 year old that was a challenge today, to say the least!

In reality I could have taken today “off” but the problem is his mood wasn’t going to improve with or without school, it wasn’t going to improve until he either got a nap or a good night’s sleep, so we pushed through with school anyway.  The plus side is that today was a “light” day anyway.

We had handwriting (which took forever because he “couldn’t” do it), then we did math where we learned about graphs and tally marks.  He knew about tally marks but hadn’t done much (if anything?) with graphs yet.  He wanted space so I went to the basement to paint a couple of things Dada wanted painted and let BK work on his math.

Once that was all done they both played for a bit (which was pretty much just them whining at each other because neither was doing what the other wanted).  Then we did some science which was a basic “nature game” where BK had to look at nature and write down the date/time and list a few things about nature.  This also took forever because he “couldn’t find anything” to write about, despite the melting snow, the funny clouds, and the sun that was out.

Then of course we read Despereaux for lunch time.  I still love that book.  There are a LOT of big words in it but I like that about it quite a bit.  It seems a bit above 1st grade level but even so it is still good to hear “astute”, “ascertain”, and “aspirations”.

This afternoon we will likely watch Brave.  There isn’t really much educational/homeschool value in it but it will let them stay chill, out of each others hair, and give them something to “do” until bed time when they can get the proper rest that they need.  Here’s to a better day tomorrow!

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One Response to Not all Sunshine and Rainbows!

  1. It would have been a hard day at school too! Probably worse since it would take longer and have a more rigid structure.

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