Much Better

Today went much better than yesterday! Yay!   Big Kid got a nap yesterday AND a proper night’s sleep so his mood was much better today.

We started with handwriting and he did quite well with that.  I didn’t even have to refocus him once which was impressive and uncommon.  Then he worked on another excise with graphs in Singapore Math while I did another coat of paint on the stuff in the basement.  I love that he can be so self instructed sometimes.

Once that was done it was time to start reading about Egypt!  We learned that one king became the kid of both parts of Egypt AND that Egypt thought of things as “upside down” since the Nile River flows from South to North.  We added this all to the timeline too!

When we finished that  we worked on science.  I made BK read the text to himself and made sure he understood it, then he went out to create a “nature arraignment”.  It is pictured below.  BK’s is on the left and LK’s is on the right, she wanted to collect bird seed from our feeders.

We read Despereaux during lunch and then it was time for BK’s music class! Overall a quick but busy day that went much more smoothly than yesterday.

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