Trying Out Some New Stuff

Today we did things a little bit differently.  As you know, if you follow along, we have been using the Build Your Own Library curriculum.  It has been great and I really enjoy it but I found that I wanted “more” from the history section.  This is no fault of the program of course, just how I prefer things.  I am learning (slowly!) that no program is going to be 100% of what I want so I am going to have to pick and choose a bit what we do.

Today that meant trying out Intellego’s unit study on World History.  It started with handwriting *and* history where Big Kid had to write down what he already knew about history and what he wanted to know about it and then we talked a little bit about the first people, which we had gone over in less depth with BYL, so he knew bits and pieces already.  Then we skipped the “what is history” section because, again, we had already gone over that part before and dove into learning about the first people.  We watched a couple of youtube videos about how people first spread around the Earth and about the Ice Age, which the kids thought was hilarious because they had seen the kid’s movie by the same name. I liked what we covered and we talked about what BK had learned etc so I think he enjoyed it.

Once that was finished up we did another exercise in Singapore Math.  He does really well with those books so far and I like them.  They aren’t as fun as Life of Fred but they are more “concrete”.  I think we will use them both together and see what happens.

With that out of the way we started science.  Today we covered adaptations in nature.  Oddly enough that is what I have to do with the science curriculum, adapt, because a lot of the work we are supposed to do is outside (look at your “square” and find things that have adapted) however given the season and the fact that it was 9 degrees outside, we were staying inside.  I think this particular science curriculum would be wonderful if we had started it at a more traditional “start of school” time but since we were a couple moths “behind” it is a bit more difficult in a lot of ways.  For our project today I had BK draw different animals that had made adaptations to their environment (pictured below).  Also, while I was learning about Intellego’s unit studies I purchased one for k-2 students about evolution as well.  I want to cover that one soon too but I need to look at it more closely first so I can be sure it won’t be too far over BK’s head.

photo (37)

With that done it was time for the moment of truth with spelling! It was time to test on the spelling words.  Last we I had BK spell the words out loud spelling bee style but this time I took the chance to have him work more on his handwriting too and write them out.  He did wonderfully and aced the “test”.  I was quite pleased by that!  This week’s words were: solace, rope, king, queen, promise, astute, light, ear, dazzle, and company.

During lunch we covered more of Despereaux which was lovely as usual.  BK even remembered that the three people walking into the dungeon were Mig, the rat, and Princess Pea so I am glad to see that some of it is at least sticking!

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