Always Learning

Now that we are homeschooling I am noticing more and more the things we learn on a day to day basis.  Weekends are “non-school” days yet they learn just as much on those days as they do on school days (though admittedly very different things).

This weekend’s examples:

  • Little Kid played a bunch of starfall and can read a whole mess of 3 letter words now and is really starting to “get” reading.
  • Big Kid was running around playing zombies so we made sure to let him know to kill them you have to get the head.
  • We discussed animals and what the meat is called that comes from each animal: pig = pork, bacon, ham, etc.  Big Kid wanted to know what horse was called when it was meat.  I told him we would look it up tomorrow.
  • Big Kid randomly asked what would happen if we burned down our house (I presume there was some line of thought that I don’t know about that prompted it) so we discussed the idea of arson and how that would mean going to jail etc.  He asked what would happen if we didn’t burn down the house but if it caught fire on it’s own, he wanted to know what would happen to the TV.  So then we discussed homeowners insurance and how it helps pay for things that we have if they get “burned up” in a fire.

Those are just the basic examples of what we learn even on our “off” days.  It amazes me what we cover each day even when we aren’t covering school topics!

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