Moving Things Around

We are still in the stage of moving things around to see what works where so today I made a few different things happen.

We started with math (Singapore) and Big Kid did well on his own (for the most part) but needed a little instruction at one point.  Today was worked on the numbers 1-40.  He knows these things but review is good.  The part he had trouble with was figuring out how to “circle” something in groups of 10 if it wasn’t in an orderly fashion, it seemed to frustrate him but we got through it.  It was smooth sailing from there out.

After math we did history where we learned about hominids and hominid types.  Very awesome, even for me!  We learned that they were only about 3 feet tall which BK thought was VERY small.  We drew on a map where these first humans were likely to have come from and will be doing more with that map later on.

Once we covered that it was time to read Despereaux, which was moved around from normal.  I am trying a new way to “sneak” in handwriting by writing down questions about the book we are reading and having him write the answers so he has to listen to the story, practice handwriting, and learn proper sentence structure like restating part of the question and using capitals and periods.  It seemed to go well today and he was rather happy that he knew the answers to the four questions I had written.

With that out of the way I had him practice his spelling words! He is quite good with spelling words and learns them pretty quickly so just a few minutes a day is all he really needs to get it, most of the time he does fine even without it because he can sound things out so easily.

Then we moved on to science. We talked a bit about trees and different kinds of trees.  I then asked him to pick his favorite tree on our property and draw it, so he did!  Below is a (crappy) picture of it.  He picked the red maple out front which happens to be my favorite tree as well, though I don’t think he knows that!

After piano and rest time we watched Amazing Race.  They LOVE that show and it is fun to show them about different cultures.  Plus I like to watch it too!

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 6.31.46 PM

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