Today started out with math!  Big Kid did some more exercises in the numbers 1-40 section.  Singapore apparently takes that section seriously as there are 20 exercises in that single unit.  The previous two units only had a few exercises each so to go from that to 20 was a pretty big deal.  He did really well on them.  Usually he does them alone and I check them after.  I will point out the ones he got wrong and give him a minute to correct them.  So far we haven’t had to go beyond that because once he looks closer at it, he figures it out.  There was only one part of one of the problems we had to do that with today so that was excellent.

After math it was time for Despereaux!  I had BK write down the answers to four questions I had written.  He does well with this and I like that it shows me that he was paying attention because he is a serious fiddler/wiggler/etc so I am never really sure he is listening.  Tomorrow is the LAST section of the book.  It will be done and we will move on to the next book!

With that taken care of we worked on some history.  Today was about the first Ice Age and how hominids had to either adapt, migrate, or die.  We got to take pieces of bread and cover “food” with the bread and squish the bread down to show what happened to the food sources of the hominids that stuck around in the colder areas during the Ice Age.  It also showed the basic idea of how fossils are made which BK thought was pretty neat.

Then it was on to the excitement that both kids have been asking about since yesterday! Time to put an egg in vinegar!  We talked about what the shell is made out of and what vinegar is.  Then I had BK write down what we were doing, what he thought would happen and later on he will write what happened and how long it took.  So far, a few hours later, it just has a gross film o the top.  It looks like it is leeching the color out of the egg.  Curiously enough BK’s prediction about what would happen is that the egg would change color so he was pretty jazzed that he had such a good prediction!  Below is a picture of what it looks like as of now!  I put it in a wine glass with plastic wrap on top so that it limits the vinegar smell in the room!

photo (41)

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