Today we started with math.  It was a challenge with Big Kid because he wasn’t into the idea of DOING anything today.  He had two late nights in a row so he was cranky.  He trucked through though and did well, only missing a couple of questions.

After we had finished that we moved on to finishing up Despereaux!  It was a great book and we have been reading it for four weeks now so it is sort of like saying goodbye to a good friend.  They loved it though and BK did great answering the questions I had written about that section of the book.  It is SO nice to know he is listening.

With that taken care of we checked in on our egg and noticed that ALL the color had been leeched from the shell.  The shell is still there and intact, but it doesn’t have any color!

Then we moved on to the activity of the day!  First we read about the Stone Age and what it meant to be a homo habilis in terms of tools.  I sent the kids out into the woods to find some stones and some sticks to make a few basic tools.  I learned that homo habilis had a better hand at making tools that I did even with modern tools to help me out.  Below is one of our finished products! We talked about how the people in the Stone Age would have likely used leather or twine made from vines to attach the stone and how they wouldn’t have used slate since it is so brittle but they got the general idea!

photo (42)

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