A Lighter Day

Today was generally a lighter batch of work than in previous days.

We started with math, Singapore of course, and Big Kid did fine but was having some serious trouble focusing.  I made him stick it out and finish what I had asked him but what should have taken maybe 30 minutes took three times that long because he kept goofing off with things and spacing out.  It got done though and he didn’t hate it, just was a space case.

When that was done we took care of a combo art/history/science lesson.  I got out the Usborne Encyclopedia of the World and opened it up to animals of the Ice Age.  I had BK read it, which he loved, and then pick one of the animals to draw and label.  He picked the arctic fox, pictured below.

photo (44)


With that taken care of we started 26 Fairmount Avenue.  It is a short little book so I think it will only take us until next Friday or so to finish it.  We do a chapter or two a day and then BK answers the questions to cover handwriting.

This afternoon will be our spelling test.  We will see how he does with this week’s batch of words!

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