Case of the Monday’s

Everyone here was suffering with a case of the Monday’s today so things didn’t get done quite as they should!  As an example it took Little Kid an hour to get out of her PJs and into her clothes.  She thought this was an impressive accomplishment.  I saw it differently.

Big Kid dragged his feet with everything today.  Math took forever when it should have taken no more than 20 minutes.  Reading took him ages (I wanted to see if I could get him to do the reading on his own) and the writing answers to the questions bit took significantly too long. It got to the point where I had to make him do it just so that he would learn if he put it off it was still going to get done, by him.

When that was done it was lunch time and then once lunch was done we did a quick science check in.  We checked out the now bouncy egg.  Each of the kids held it for a bit and felt how it was bouncy/squishy.  Then I put it in the sink and stuck a knife in it and they watched it explode since there was a raw egg inside once the shell had been eaten away by the vinegar.  Then BK had to write down his “what happened” answer on his science sheet from last week.

This afternoon we are planning on watching the finale of Amazing Race and that will be it for the day!  We should have done history but at this point it is likely they wouldn’t focus anyway.

*yawn*  I would like to go back to bed now please!


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