Cards for Dalton

Today was a much better day than yesterday.

We started with math which was an introduction to multiplication.  Big Kid thought it was a lot of fun and declared that he liked it.  It makes sense to me since I am 28 and still have to count on my fingers sometimes with addition and subtraction but if someone asks me what 4 x 5 is I know it without even thinking.  For whatever reason it just “clicks” better and I am sure once BK gets his hands on a times table chart he will be in good shape.  His memory is ridiculous once he has seen something, which is how he learned to read so easily.  He saw “the” was told what it was and then that was learned.  All his words are “sight words” in that sense.

With math out of the way he read more of 26 Fairmount Avenue.  The book is pretty boring in my opinion but he does okay with it.  He still answers the questions well enough, which is good.  It is a super short book so it will be done on Thursday.

When that book is done I think we might just pick one of our own books to read while we finish up our history supplement that I got (Intellego).  I found out that it drops us off in Mesopotamia so that once it is done we will be right at where we started with the history material in our Build Your Library curriculum.  So, in essence we are “putting off” the BYL official curriculum until we have filled in the early gaps in the history section.  I think this will work a lot better for us, the challenge is what book should we read?!

With reading accomplished we covered history which was learning about how homo habilis and homo erectus communicated without language.  This was a hard concept for BK to “get” and he kept saying they just needed a dictionary. After about the 10th time of my trying to explain that they didn’t have letters to make the words to PUT in a dictionary he seemed to get it.  We played a game of “charades” to see if we could figure out what the other person was trying to communicate.

This afternoon we will watch an episode of The Magic School Bus to cover some science.  I am not sure which episode we will watch yet but I am sure they will love it!

The last activity of this morning was writing/drawing cards for a little boy that is very ill from Cystic Fibrosis.  I found a posting about it on a homeschooling facebook group that I am part of and once it had been looked up via Snopes and deemed to be correct the kids and I all made him a card.  Below is a picture from the facebook group event and here is a news article about it.

Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 11.22.30 AM


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