Lots of History

Given that we slacked pretty badly on history yesterday we made up for it today.  We covered more on neanderthals, Cro-Magnon and the introduction of farming.  We looked again at Mesopotamia and learned that the people of Sumer were most likely the first to have any sort of written language and it was done on clay tablets to record trade of livestock and crops.  We watched a quick video about Mesopotamia too that Big Kid really seemed to like.

We also did some science because both kids made “gardens” out back and were INSISTING I gave them seeds.  I talked with them about what seeds need to grow (warm soil, sun, water, etc) and we talked about why planting in the winter wouldn’t work to provide the seeds with what they needed.  I guess until spring they are going to keep the gardens going as “pretend” and tell me all the lovely things they have grown in them.  I think we will do some more science this afternoon.  I plan on showing them the encyclopedia of the body I got from Amazon and reviewing the digestive system stuff that they learned about yesterday on Magic School Bus.  I figure more realistic drawings/pictures will help it sink in a little more!

There was no official reading today since we finished 26 Fairmount Avenue yesterday.  I haven’t decided what book we are going to read next but I wanted to read a FUN one since 26 Fairmount wasn’t very fun or exciting.  I was considering Bunnicula for them, we will see!  It gives me something to think about over the weekend!

During math we covered more multiplication.  He did the exercises in the Singapore book so I sent him of to play a bit where he decided he would find an old egg carton and he wrote the numbers 1-12 in the holes.  I took that as a chance to practice more multiplication by putting the same number of beads in each hole.  Pictured below is what we ended up doing.  He really enjoyed it and I think it helped it “click” to see it happen in a step by step manner as we added each new group of three.

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 12.48.14 PM

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