Tragedy in CT

As a mom with 2 kids, both near the ages of the children that were killed in Newtown, CT, and living in New England, the events of Friday hit close to home both literally and metaphorically.  I can not wrap my head around what those poor kids must have gone through in their final moments or what could possibly make a person target a population of 6 and 7 year olds.

I have had several people (an amazing amount actually) tell me it is another good reason to homeschool my children.  However the reality is they are much more in danger every time we go to the grocery store in the car than they are at the school.  The reason it seems to traumatic and awful, outside of the obvious, is that as a society we think of elementary schools as safe places because for the most part, they really are.  If schools weren’t safe overall it wouldn’t be so surprising/ shocking when something like this happens.

I tell myself these things not only because it is true, but because I may well be sending Little Kid to K next year to see what she thinks of it, since each child learns differently and reacts differently to environments and teachers.  I know our school is safe. Does that mean tragedy can’t strike there too?  Of course it doesn’t mean that, this sort of thing can happen anywhere from movie theaters to malls, as we have learned in recent years.

My heart and thoughts go out to the families of the children and staff that were lost.  I can not begin to understand what they must be going through and wish there were more that I could do to help them.  However there isn’t much I can do but to think of the ones that were lost and to teach my children, as best as I can, to grow up to be the “helpers” that Mr. Rogers talks about in this quote.

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