We started the day off with some Life of Fred.  Big Kid was starting to get a little tired of  Singapore and we were at a good place to take a break from that book, so we did!  Since we finished Apples it was time to move on to Butterflies.  Given how far we had gotten in Singapore a lot of this will be review but review is a good thing with math, vital even.  He can do the math that we have been going over but it isn’t like “second nature” yet which is why reviewing it a different way is helpful.  When someone asks me “What is 5 + 4?” I know without even thinking that it is 9.  BK still uses his fingers, which is fine of course but with time and practice it will become second nature.  He really enjoys Fred and it is easy enough to go through a chapter a day.

Once that was done we read about some of the gods of the Egyptians.  That was exciting and Big Kid thought it was neat.  We learned about why the Egyptians thought the Nile flooded every year and then I had BK read a story about Ra the sun god out loud for me.

With that done I made a simple “clay tablet” out of flour, water, and salt then gave some to each of the kids with the blunt end of a paintbrush.  They “drew” in their tablets while I read to them about how Egyptians wrote in hieroglyphs and Sumerians in cuneiform.  They really liked hearing about it and the activity doubled as both a history lesson and an art lesson.  I then dried the tablets in the oven so they were hard and the kids could feel how heavy it would be to try and carry around a bunch of lay tablets all the time.  We also talked about papyrus and how it was made from the pulp of reeds so I reminded them about the wasp nest at the start of homeschooling where the wasps made paper pulp from trees so they would have a very basic idea of what papyrus probably felt like (though it was no doubt smoother than the wasp nest).  Below is a picture of what BK drew in his clay tablet.  It says “Minecraft” (his new favorite game) and then is a picture of the Minecraft guy in his bed sleeping for the night.

photo (50)

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