We started the day with more Life of Fred.  Big Kid is liking the change of pace from the Singapore books.  Fred is MUCH more fun and the stories are very silly.  I think the two pieces work okay today but they aren’t ideal as a pairing, not really sure what would go better with Fred though.  Something to think about for sure!

When Fred was covered we read about mummification and why it was important to the people of Egypt.  The book we read left out the bit I remember from school about pulling the brains out through the nose.  I haven’t decided yet if that was a good omission or a bad one.

Then it was time for science.  Big Kid has recently been fascinated by gardens and gardening and today was no different.  Once it was time for science he begged me to learn about gardening…so I went to the bookshelf, pulled out The Backyard Homestead, turned to the page about vegetable gardens, and told him to read to his heart’s content.  I am constantly amazed by how well he reads and today was no different.  He doesn’t read quietly, for whatever reason, he prefers to read out loud which works well for me since I can be doing other things (dishes, tidying up, etc) and when he starts to stumble on a word (which isn’t often) I have him spell it for me and then I tell him what it is.  Today’s stumbling block was “verify” admittedly not so easy if you hadn’t seen it before.  He was quite pleased that he got to learn about gardens and wants to learn more tomorrow.

With all that taken care of, plus a trip outside to play in the rain, we had enough time to read chapter one of Bunnicula.  I was searching about it online at one point and came across this site which was super helpful because it has pre-made questions for each chapter so I don’t have to read ahead the night before the lesson, I can just copy down four of those questions for him!  He seemed to like the book a lot though the first chapter was quite long, a full 13 pages worth of sitting there listening to me.  The rest of the chapters overall seem shorter so that is probably good for him.  He loves stories but his attention span isn’t always terribly long.

We finished with the questions for Bunnicula just in time for piano lessons and that was it for the day!


Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 3.51.26 PM

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One Response to Bunnicula!

  1. Oh my gosh! Bunnicula was my brother’s favorite book ever…we jokingly tease him that it is the only book he ever read and that his college professors finally told him he could not write anymore papers on it. I have to share this with him! I believe there is a sequel which my brother read called “Celery Stalks at Midnight.” These books are so burned into my head 🙂

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