Today started out with Life of Fred as usual, math in the morning!  Big Kid really enjoys those books.  I know I have said it a lot but it is quite true, he is a fan.  They appeal to his quirky sense of humor and make math fun for him.

Once math was done we learned more about pyramids and the Great Sphinx.  Since we learned about how mummies were made yesterday it seems to follow that we should learn where they are buried today!  BK also colored in a sarcophagus today. It is pictured below.  You can see he drew a face like the Egyptians did though I think it is safe to say he isn’t a prodigy of the art world 😉

With history covered he read more about gardens in Backyard Homestead and then read his “real” science about fungus.  He finally learned what the giant puff balls in the yard every fall are.  That was exciting for him.

After that it was time to play outside!  It has been awful weather here lately so I wanted to make sure there was a lot of outside time today before it gets bad again Friday.  They were outside playing for about 1.5 hours which was awesome both for them and for me to catch up on housework that had fallen horribly behind.

Then I read Bunnicula to them during lunch and once BK was done eating he answered the questions that I gave him.  Overall a pretty mellow day while still getting quite a bit of information covered.

I have a neat science type experiment set up for tomorrow but we will see if we get it covered.  I might just save it for next week when Dad is home since that is likely to be an odd week where focus isn’t so easy.


photo (53)

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