As usual math started the day.  Today was chapter 4 of Butterflies from Life of Fred.  BK is pretty much an “expert” on the material it is covering right now so that is good too as it boosts his confidence.

Science was more reading about gardens in Backyard Homestead.  BK is a pretty serious fan of it and today he read about the benefits of a raised bed garden.  I am pro-raised bed where we are too because the soil is very sandy so a good layer of compost/topsoil/etc would be excellent.  The plus side of the sandy soil is that it drains well of course.

We read Bunnicula during lunch and BK will answer the questions post-rest time (instituted as down time for them and myself).  Strange things are happening in that book now so they are paying very close attention to the story.

In history we covered hieroglyphics since that was the way the Egyptians wrote.  Big Kid wrote his name in hieroglyphs using stencils.  It was interesting for him to learn that they didn’t spell names based on the LETTERS in the name but rather the sounds that the name had in it.  So Susan would use a “z” rather than an “s” to spell the name in hieroglyphs.  Below his BK’s name!  He thought it was a LOT of fun to learn how to use another written language.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 9.23.18 AM

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