Today was a very minimal effort day.  I don’t feel very well (heading for a nap as soon as this is written) and both kids are tired so we kept it light.

First BK took care of chapter five in Life of Fred which was fun and quick as always.

Then we read some more about Egypt and mummies in one of our history books.

While I showered Big Kid read more about gardening from Backyard Homestead.

Then when all that was complete I found them a 1.5 hour long documentary called Egypt: Engineering an Empire.  It was on netflix instantwatch and made by the History Channel.  I know they are rather pro-aliens at this point but the documentary was pretty good overall.  Both kids seemed to enjoy it and sat for the full length of the movie so I count that as a win.

I am not sure if we will cover Bunnicula today or not.  We will see when the afternoon gets here.  The next week or so is likely to be odd anyway because of the holidays so my main goal is to finish the last 6 chapters between now and January 2nd so that should be easy enough to pull off.

During play time after the documentary was done the kids both made “pyramids”.  BK said his had lots of chambers and hidden places inside and we would never be able to find him, so I know he was at least listening to a few things that we have learned about!  Pictured below is BK’s pyramid (ignore the scary carpet that may be as old as the Egyptian empire itself).

photo (55)

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