Back at it!

I decided today to jump back into things a little bit!  Public school here is off until the 2nd but the kids do much better at not driving me insane if they have the structure of “school” to keep them focused, so today I focused them!

Big Kid started with Life of Fred chapter 6 and sped right through it.  He is a master of this stuff now but it is a great motivator/confidence booster after doing Singapore which is a lot more repetitive.

When that was complete he read more about Egypt in Hieroglyphs .  He seemed to really enjoy that book and it had a lot of fun information in it.

Then it was time for outside play time!!  We got a LOT of snow today so both kids had fun in the snow even though it was very windy.

Then they did afternoon things all afternoon.

Before bed I read them both another chapter of Bunnicula.  BK was thrilled that he didn’t have to answer questions with handwriting and just had to answer a few things verbally.

I have also been working on phonics with Little Kid.  It has been working pretty well for her but I can tell it hasn’t really “clicked” yet.  As an example the book we read yesterday had “can” a lot and when presented with it today  she was baffled and had to sound it out again.  I am sure with practice she will get there!  We are using the Clifford phonics books and they are fun but yet simple.


Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 7.26.36 PM

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