Today started, as usual, with Fred!  Big Kid takes care of Fred quickly and with ease.  He is a fan.  I am a fan because it means no fussing trying to get him to do his math.

After we read Fred, I read them chapter 2 of our mythology book. Today was about Osiris, Isis, and Ra.  It was another version of the same story we read a few days ago where one brother shuts the other in a custom made coffin.

With that taken care of BK read some of the One Small Square Backyard.  Today was about creatures that come out in the night time.  He seemed to really enjoy it and the illustrations on that book are awesome.

Then, since it was a wonderful sunny day post-snowstorm, we all went outside!  The kids had a blast sledding, running around, and playing with their new snow-block makers while I shoveled up the snow drifts, found the mailbox, and uncovered my car.

When we got inside we had a little bit of time before lunch.  A few days ago BK asked about making papyrus.  I told him I wasn’t sure how but I would figure it out for him.  Making actual papyrus would have required finding the proper plant etc and that sounded like too much work to me, so I kept looking and found this option on the crayola site.  It was pretty messy but we had all the stuff here to make it.  Below is a picture of what we have.  It is still drying (even now, several hours since I took the picture) and I hope to be able to have BK draw on it over the weekend.  I will post a photo when it is done!

After papyrus it was time for lunch and Bunnicula!  That cat and dog are very silly and the bunny sleeps through an awful lot of things!

photo (64)

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