Can You Guess?

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Can you guess what book we started reading today based on the spelling words for the week?!  I bet you can! (ignore my horrible handwriting!)

We started Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!  I may be more excited than the kids since I never actually read this book as a kid, I only ever watched the movie, and we all know that books are better than the movie 99% of the time.

Over the weekend we finished up Bunnicula.  Both kids seemed to enjoy it quite a bit and were happy that the animals figured out how to live together peacefully.   We also watched a really neat documentary about Egyptian pharaohs where we got to see a real body go through the mummification process.  Dada wasn’t sure the kids should watch it but they weren’t bothered by it in the least and thought it was a fun thing to watch, I happen to agree with them!

So, this morning we worked on Fred of course, chapter 8!  We are already more than halfway through the Butterflies book (15 chapters).  Today focused on ordinal numbers which was a fun concept for BK.

Then BK worked on a drawing lesson as part of science.  He was supposed to draw something without looking at his paper, only looking at the object.  His banana came out looking a bit funny but gladly he accepted that and found it silly instead of frustrating.

After that we read about King Sargon, the ruler of Akkadia.  We learned about how he had to conquer many city-states in Mesopotamia in order to make his kingdom and how he had to use a military dictatorship to make sure his people followed his rules.  Then BK colored in a map which showed Sargon’s kingdom and I showed him on our big world map where that area of the world is.

Then we worked on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and BK did some handwriting while answering some basic comprehension questions about what we read!  Overall it was a pretty decent day and the kids had fun!


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