Happy New Year!

It was business as usual here today!  The public school doesn’t go back until tomorrow but we are keeping up a routine because both kids do much better if they have something structured-ish to focus on.

We started with Fred of course!  Today was more about ordinal numbers as well as how to prove a math statement is true.  Example: 5-2=3 because 2+3 = 5.  I like that they start him thinking about this type of thing so early on.  I never remember learning anything like this until closer to 8th grade when I was doing algebra.

After that it was time to read history! We learned more about Egypt and how they had metal tools/weapons etc.  I also had them watch an episode of PBS’s Egypt’s Golden Empire.  It was pretty neat but it didn’t hold their attention so well.  They still got at least a little out of it though!

With that covered we worked on science, which was another drawing lesson.  Big Kid drew my spider plant but it ended up a bit blocky and looked like a spider plant you would find in Minecraft.  He tried though, so that is what matters.

After that it was play time until lunch when we read two more chapters of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I am loving the book so far.  The detail is very interesting and the characters have a lot of personality. Below are BK’s answers to the questions I wrote down for today.  To give you an idea of the questions I write, here were today’s:

1. How old were Charlie’s grandparents?

2. What is one adjective Grandpa Joe used to describe Willy Wonka?

3. Who wanted a palace made out of chocolate?

4. What is strange about the chocolate factory?

I have him read these to himself before he listens to the book so he knows parts of what he is listening for.  Then when I am done reading and he is done eating he writes down the answers focusing on capitalization and punctuation.  He still has a way to go with his handwriting but I can read everything he writes so I count that as a win.

Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 1.43.27 PM

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  1. His handwriting is noticeably better!

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